Jesus Paid and Purchased us for a Price

Nowadays many preachers preach about the subject “Jesus paid the price and Jesus purchased us. But they make a mistake of saying Jesus paid the price to the devil and purchased us from the devil in order to set us free from the clutches of the devil. The reason is the following verses.

(I Cor. 6:20) “Ye are bought with a price”

(Acts.20:28) “Church was purchased by His own blood”

(John 1:12) “God gave power to become His sons who believe on his name (Jesus)”

(John 14:30) “For the prince of this world cometh”

(I Tim. 1:15) Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”

So the general understanding is the devil is the prince of this world, and the whole mankind is under the bondage of sin and Satan. Christ Jesus came into the world to save the sinners, and Jesus paid the price of mankind to devil, and the price is his own precious blood or life and delivered us and set us free. BUT IT IS NOT TRUE. The truth is entirely different. To understand the Truth, we need to understand the “Salvation Plan of God”.




  1. Through disobedience of one-man sin entered the mankind and through obedience of one, righteousness entered the mankind who believed. Through subtlety of devil, man disobeyed God and became a sinner, Man disobeyed God’s commandment not by his own effort or desire but by the deceit of the devil. (Not willfully)
  2. By disobedience of God’s commandment man became sinner and devil made him his slave forcibly as he believed his words and acted against the commandment of God.
  3. Wages of sin is death. (Death in the body and also in the soul, means Soul and Spirit separate from the body and soul separates from God.)
  4. As a slave man had to obey his master devil and man cannot deliver himself by his own efforts. (As a man in miry clay, the more he struggles to come out of it, the more he will immerse.)
  5. A Saviour or Redeemer is needed. (I Peter 1:18,19)
  6. A perfect obedience of a person is needed, in order to overcome disobedience. (Romans 5:18,19)
  7. A sinless blood need to be offered by a sacrifice to God to demand forgiveness for the sinner, and for entire mankind. By the sacrifice for sins of the mankind, one has to taste death in the body and also in the soul, as the wages of sin is death. (Heb. 9:12)
  8. This salvation plan must be accepted by sinful men by believing in this sacrifice. Also sinful men need to acknowledge their sins and confess them out to receive forgiveness. (It reveals that the sinful men desires deliverance and decides not to commit the sins again and become slave to Satan again.)
  9. The sacrifice must be accepted by God the Father. And in turn He grants the desire or the purpose for which this sacrifice was offered.
  10. There is an appointed time for this sin offering. (Jesus became a sin offering only after 4000 years from Adam.)


Now let us see how this was performed?


Adam sinned and became slave to devil and sin and to the world or the spirit of the world. At the same time Adam was separated from God in his soul. Adam’s generation also became sinners. His sinful seed begat sinful generation of disobedience. This sin multiplied and by deeds and by thoughts etc. the entire mankind became wretched sinners, and went to hell on their death and some righteous souls went to paradise. God had to wait for the appointed time to deliver the mankind from sin and hell. But God introduced certain temporary relief or methods to control the sinful activities of mankind, according to the capability of human mind and body. We find the period from fallen man Adam to Moses on Mount Sinai is called “The Dispensation of Conscience.” (Their conscience was Law for them) The Period from Moses’ Law to Jesus was called “The period of Law.” (They had to live as per the Law given to them.) The period from “The Day of Pentecost” or the Establishment of the New Testament Church” to till date is called “The Dispensation of Grace of Christ”. Here the Law is the “Doctrine of Christ”, preached by the Holy Apostles of Christ”.  Here we can see the spiritual standard of man is growing higher and higher.

In the Appointed Time Jesus became a sinless sacrifice, took the sins of the whole mankind deceived by devil and would be deceived by devil till the end, on the cross and shed his sinless blood and died in his body and was buried. His soul also was dead or separated from God the Father and went to Hell. But the Holy Spirit quickened the soul of Christ and in Hell He could preach to the souls which went to Hell till the destruction by the flood during the time of Noah. (I Pet. 3: 18-20 and 4:6) Here please note that Jesus visited or preached to only certain souls imprisoned in certain area of Hell and not to all the souls in Hell or souls of them who lived from Noah to Moses and Moses to Jesus. Why? This is due to one of the many reasons of the Appointed Time which will be discussed later.

Let us consider what happened at the death of Jesus on the cross? There was darkness in the world, the veil in the Temple of God rent in twain, the earth quaked, rocks rent, and graves opened in earth. (Matt.27:50-52) And what happened in heaven? Jesus the Lamb of God was offered as a Sin Offering on the altar by the Holy Spirit the Priest, Offered to God the Father. (Heb. 9:14) for forgiveness of sins of the whole mankind whom the devil deceived and made them worthy of Eternal Damnation. God the Father accepted the sin offering and granted pardon to the whole mankind. Immediately the devil lost the control over mankind, but again tries to deceive mankind “Not to believe the Sin offering of Jesus”, “Not to confess the sins of them” and continues his rule over the sinners. But those who believed the sin offering of Jesus and confessed their sins for forgiveness, received Pardon from God, and the burden of their sins rolled away, they received real peace and joy of salvation, and deliverance from sin, Satan and the world or the spirit of the world. They became righteous before God and their names are written in the book of life and great joy was felt in heaven, even among angels. (Luke 15:7, Romans 3:32, II Corin. 5:21) This experience may be compared with unequal comparison of happening in USA, “The Declaration of Freedom from Slavery” in USA by then President Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Many slaves got freedom and great joy was experienced in many parts of USA, but in some parts the unfaithful masters threatened the slaves and kept them in bondage till it came to the light of the President.

This salvation plan of God must be believed by man and needs to confess his sins to get forgiveness and deliverance from sin and Satan and the world. (I John 1:8-9) Now we summarize as Jesus paid the price of His precious and sinless blood on the altar in heaven, offered by the Holy Ghost to God the Father. And God the Father accepted the sin offering and granted the wish of “Forgiveness” of sins and Trespasses of the whole mankind. It effectually fulfills upon them who believed and confessed their sins to Jesus. Thus the Saviour Jesus bought “Salvation for us” (From the Father) and paid the price of Salvation by His own life or precious blood (To God the Father) The salvation mentioned above is the initial salvation only, of forgiveness of sins committed by man and there are various steps of salvation and ends at final salvation, which will be discussed later. The role of devil was only deceit and slavery of mankind and did not owe any thing to Adam to make him a slave.

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