Though Jonathan loved David, he died BUT Abner & Ishbosheth survived!

Jonathan the elder son of King Saul loved David equal to his own soul, when young lad David killed giant Philistian knight, Goliath by his single sling stone. So he made a covenant with David, out of his deep love.(I Sam. 18: 1,2) Later King Saul set David over his men of war, and David did every thing so wisely that all men of Saul and all people reverenced David. Also David’s victory over Goliath fetched him a very high name in Israel. But when the dancers and singers sang a song of words Saul killed thousand and David killed ten thousand, King Saul became furious over David and wanted to eliminate him.

As King Saul declared in the war that who so ever kills Goliath would become the King’s son in law, David was promised to be married with the kings daughter Moreb, but deceived and later married with Saul’s daughter Michal. (I Sam. 18: 27) Even this marriage was by the cunning plan of King Saul, to eliminate David by Philistians, demanding one hundres fore skins of Philistians in the cover of the King wants to revenge his enemies the Philistians. But David killed two hundred Philistians and offered their foreskins to King Saul as his dowery equivalent.

Then King Saul planned with Jonathan and with his officers to kill David. (I sam. 19:1) But Jonathan pleaded with his father for David and King Saul swared on God that David would not be killed.  But many times King Saul threw his spear on David and he escaped, and for about a period of ten years King saul chased David and David escaped King Saul, by fleeing in to the forests. As King Saul knew that Jonathan loves David, he continued his acts against David with out the knowledge of his son Jonathan. King Saul attempted two spear attack against David. Two times he changed from his promise to give his daughter in marriage to David.

One time he planned to kill David by the hands of Philistines, by demanding one hundred fore skins of Philistines as dowery. Eight times either Saul or his men chased David in the forests or wilderness to kill David. But God protected David from the hands of King Saul. Once Jonathan went in to the forest to meet David and strengthenned his hands and said that surely David will become king one day and Jonathan would be second with David, giving first place to David, because he felt that it was the will of God that David will become king. (I Sam. 23: 15-18)

Though Jonathan loved David and made covenant with David, and was against the plan of his father King Saul against David, why did he die in the war against the Philistines with his father, when Abner the captain and Isposeth his younger brother survived? Though Jonathan agreed that David will become the next king and himself will be in the second place, why did he die in the war? The answer is with our God. It is the will of God that David must rule as king with out any hinderence from with in or with out. There was no out side hinderance as King David fought many wars and subdued all his enemies as he had a strong army under captain Joab, and many mighty men of valour. But inside hindrances were possible. We know that after the death of King Saul, Abner made Ishbosheth as king and he was the captain (II Sam. 2: 8,9).

Even if Jonathan was alive, Abner would have made him king, and he will be the captain. Even Jonathan agreed to make David as king and he takes the second place, and Joab will be the captain, Abner will remain in some key position, and seduce Jonathan in one way or the other, resulting instability in King David’s ruling. So our great God foreseeing all such things, gave a home call to sincere and loving Jonathan and he entered his rest in paradise!

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