Samson kills thousand soldiers with a fresh jaw bone of ass

Through Bible we know that Samson the judge of Israel killed one thousand Philistine soldiers with a fresh jaw bone of ass. Samson was strengthened by the Spirit of God and he had enormous strength of the Spirit of God, that he killed a young lion with bare hands by tearing its mouth like a lamb (Judges 14: 5,6). He shook the city gate of Gaza and removed it from the wall with its gate frame and bars and locks and carried it on his shoulder and carried to the mountain against the city (Judges 16:3). He killed all the people of Timnath hip and thigh alone (Judges 15: 6-8). He pushed the centre pillars of the great city hall of Gaza and made to collapse the whole building and killed about 3000 people (Judges 16: 27-30). Yes, these reveal his super natural strength caused by the Spirit of God!

But killing a thousand armed soldiers armed with spears and swords by a mere jaw bone of an ass is not by supernatural strength alone, as he could have been attacked by at least few soldiers and he could have been killed (Judges 15: 14-16). So the  secret behind his victory over his enemies need to be understood!

First of all, to face a thousand armed soldiers by a single man needs a supernatural speed of movement without giving a chance of fraction of a second to his enemies. Secondly, he has only one chance of fatal hit to every armed soldier, and no second chance as it will increase his operational time. Thirdly the armed soldiers would be protected by helmet on head, bresrt plate on chest, armoured dress around body etc. to protect the vital parts of the body, but Samson need to strike at a place  vulnarable, inspite of all protection. So, it was not the forehead where David hit with a sling stone on giant Goliath as Samson had only a fresh jaw bone, which cannot penetrate the forehead!

What is the speciality of a fresh jaw bone of an ass? It was a weapon used by Samson, having a ‘V’ shape, having about four front teeth pointing almost straight but not vertical to the jaw, for the purpose of shearing the grass from the earth. It was not dried bone as it would brake off in to pieces by the strong hit by Samson. It was new bone having a greater strength with in and ofcourse not to be used against hard substance! So, in which part Samson would have hit by the bone with out breaking it? The vulnarable, unprotected part of every soldier was the portion joining the neck and the shouldier, near collar bone! Even without a sharp item a heavy blow at this vulnarable portion can make a person to fall!

So Samson gave one hard hit by the teeth of the jaw bone at this vulnarable portion per soldier, killed him, and he moved to the next in fraction of a second! And he had to move around the crowd of soldiers as fast as possible and hitting hard and fast on his enemies and finished them all, running round and round around them not giving any chance to them to hurt him by their sword or spear. Just let us immagine he took 1.5 seconds for a soldier and one second to move out, takes 1000x 2.5 seconds = 42 minutes. So his body was in terific speed and powerful stricking and going round and round around the soldiers to a distance of 1.2 miles, and if we take 4 sft. Per soldier it amounts to 4000 sft. for 1000 soldiers, and his body worked like a machine, and by his sweat, he lost water content in his blood and due to dehydration, he was about to colapse.Then he demanded water from the LORD and God openned a fountain for him and he drank water and his life came back and survived (Jud.15: 15-20). All glory to God.


2 thoughts on “Samson kills thousand soldiers with a fresh jaw bone of ass

  1. It would be unwise to think that Samson worked like a machine and that 1000 soldiers tried to attack him at the same time.It it takes 42 minutes to kill the entire 1000, will the last soldier keep silence till he gets killed at the hands of Samson? 42 minutes is fairly large time and the soldiers can easily overpower Samson. Hence, the above literal explanation is not a feasible one.

    We read that the Philistines came against him and shouted against him. But we do not read that there were 1000 Philistines shouting at him at the same time. The killing of 1000 soldiers could be best explained in the following way: Philistines came in groups and individuals and Samson had the time to kill each one although at places he could be facing 2 or 3 people at the same time. Samson did nothing and the Spirit of the Lord did it all. (that is why when Samson said I killed them all, he was faint and was thirsty to die! His thirst is not due to the sweat and heat produced by his body during the killing act. Otherwise Samson should have got the same sweat and thirst when he carried the gates of a city uphill which is even more strenuous!)

    There is nothing supernatural with the raw jaw bone or its shape. It is the Spirit of the Lord that did this miracle and not Samson. He was just used a weapon by the Spirit of God. If we also yield ourselves as a weapon to the Spirit of God, he will use us mightily in ways known to us as “Supernatural”. Praise the Lord!


  2. Dear brother in Christ, Joshua,

    I am happy to receive your valuable comment and I am very sorry for not replying in time due to unforeseen circumstances.
    Your valuable points are
    (1) Samson did not work like a machine to kill his enemies and he encountered a deadly thirst. But you have not mentioned your reason for his deadly thirst.
    (2) Samson did not fight with 1000 soldiers at a time but they might had faced him 2 or 3 at a time.
    (3) The shape of the jaw bone of an ass is not of any importance but the Spirit of God mattered.

    Now please head to the clarifications of mine. Praise the LORD.
    As per (Judges 15: 9) the Philistine army pitched their tents in Lehi of Judah to arrest Samson through his people, and Judah people went to Samson and bound him with rope and brought him to the Philistine army. When the army saw Samson they shouted to fight. Immediately the Spirit of God came upon him mightily and he found a fresh jaw bone of an ass and picked it up and used it as a weapon on soldiers. Here Samson took an aggressive role in fight as he was alone against an army. He did not wait for them to fight against in many small groups. It can be compared with David when he faced Goliath in a fight. As per (I Samuel 17: 48, 49) when Goliath arose and walked forward towards David, on the other hand David hasted and ran towards Goliath and slinged a stone into his forehead and defeated him. So here hasting and running needed because the enemy was of a great size and capacity than David. Though God was behind David to support him, David had to take such aggressive action against his enemy. One should not call it a miracle of God. In miracle of God David need not be there. In case of King Hezekiah, God did a miracle and He sent an angel to slew 185000 soldiers of Assyria in one night and King Hezekiah and his people were protected from the enemy. Similarly single man Samson had to win 1000 armed soldiers was not an easy task. Though the Spirit of God was with Samson, he was made to act in a supernatural way in speed and power of great blow with a new jaw bone. Why new jaw bone? Because the old bone will be brittle and breaks in to pieces with heavy blow of Samson. Without giving a chance for his enemies, he ran around them, around them and around them faster and killed them one by one by hitting with the fresh jaw bone in the vulnerable place of the enemy. Here also it was not a miracle but a help from above for Samson. During such a fast run around the soldiers and simultaneously hitting hard on every soldier made his body to sweat too much. It is logic and one should not deny or ignore it. As a result he killed all his enemies of 1000 men and his blood lost its fluidity and he was about to collapse for want of water. So when he looked up to his master, the merciful Master made a miracle to open a spring at Lehi and Samson drank water and his life came bake and he revived. Here opening a spring was a miracle. Also use of a fresh jaw bone was a weapon, which had a sharp edge of teeth downward and a handle to hold was one side of the V-shape. Here the miracle was, God did not permit Samson to use any sword but a mere fresh jaw bone of an ass to kill 1000 armed soldiers.

    Hope I have clarified your comment dear brother in Christ.


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