Job – A Righteous and Godly man of God!

Job was a righteous man lived in Uz, where Edom, the land of Esau also is located (Job 1:1) (Lam.4:21). So we may expect him to be the generation of Esau. He was obeying the commandments of God and a man offering animal sacrifices for remission of sins (Job1:5 & 23:12) . He was tested for his integrity with God by devil with the permission of God, two consecutive times. In that he lost all his earthly blessings including his good health. Also we find that he was not exposed to the knowledge of devil as we understand in New Testament! So he was mistaken and he blamed God for all his suffering and due to his great knowledge of God, he never accused God, or murmered against God and he did not cross the limit line concerning God in telling about his pain and agony! We find that after the period of his trials, he came out victoriously, and overcame devil and his expectation of blaspheming God on His face, but never accused or murmured against God but gave due respect to God till the end of trials. And God rewarded Job with double fold blessings of animals and cattle and ten more children (Ten in heaven and another ten with Job on the earth) All these are because of the depth of knowledge on God he had! What was the great and deep knowledge of Job of his God?

Job said nacked he came into this world and he will leave this world without taking anything out from here, and he said what all he had, was given to him by God and what all he lost, was taken out by God and he glorified God for all the work of God in his life, as God is worthy of all praise. Here his knowledge was great that even in New Testament period many blasphame God for the loss (Job 1:21).

When devil was speaking through his wife saying, was he holding his integrity with God even after the second trial? And advised Job to curse God and die! But he answered her, not to be foolish, as they had received good things from God, they need to take bad things also! So his knowledge about receiving good and bad from God need to be accepted equally and praise Him for His leading (Job 2: 9,10).

When Job was bearing unbearable pain in his body and in soul, he curses his own birth as a man, and wished his birth to be untimely, so that he would be in rest in paradise with kings of the earth and rich men of the earth, but never blamed God (Job 3: 13-19).

When his friends falsely accuse Job with their general knowledge of God, and the rewards of the righteous and judgments of the wicked, he pleads with them and asking them not to generalise but be specific and about his mistakes, so that he can correct him (Job 6: 24-26).

Job said that God is all wise and the mightiest, and causeth earth quakes, controls the movements of sun, stars, able to walk on the waves of the sea, etc. And we find Jesus Christ, God the WORD, walked on the turbulant waves of the sea in the fourth watch and reached his disciples who were toiling due to rough whether in the sea and rescued them (Matt. 14: 22-32), (Mark 6: 45-51). No one can stand before Him and justify himself, and even if Job is righteous before God, he will not justify himself before God but request for favour, as God is his judge (Job 9: 4-15). Similar words were addressed by St. Paul, that he was guiltless, yet was not righteous, as the judge is the LORD (I Cor. 4:4). Also Job was requiring a mediator between God and man, so that the mediator can be approached by man. We know that Jesus Christ is our mediator to whom we can approach at any time! (Job 9: 33-35 & 16: 21), (I Tim. 2; 5).

Job said that even if God killed him still Job will trust God and though Job was righteous, he cofessed that God was his salvation. So, Job understood the importance of God in his life and in eternity and without God he cannot survive (Job 13: 15,16). Righteous Job confessed that he would never forsake his integrity from him, and would hold fast his righteousness and his heart would never reproach him (Job 27: 5,6).

 Man die and sleep in the earth for a long period, even till the heavens be no more, and wake up for the white throne judgment (Job 14:12) (Rev. 20:5). This resurrection takes place after the Millennial Reign. The other resurrections are taking place before the Millennial Reign, and they resurrect and reign with Jesus Christ on this earth, but renewed, and it is called the First Resurrection (Rev. 20:4) (Rev. 20:11-15). Others die and their bodies decay and turn to dust of the earth, but Job believed in the resurrection and in that resurrected body by his own eyes he would see his redeemer who is alive to redeem Job who was a righteous man (Job 19: 25-27).

Job believed that the righteous people would be tried on this earth and after the trial the righteous will shine as gold as the goldsmith tries the gold in the furnace and purifies into pure gold (Job 23: 10). Job was a righteous person and he confessed that he kept all the commandments of God and His commandments were precious to him, more than his food (Job 23: 12).

Job had a knowledge that the earth is hanging in the space and other planets are also hanging in open and empty space (Job 26: 7) Also Job spoke about the water clouds which carry tons of water by weight but the clouds were able to carry such huge amount of water in them which would be poured as rain on earth (Job 26: 8). Job was knowing that the air has a weight (Job 28:25).  And he understood that fear of the LORD is wisdom and depart from evil is understanding, which was of higher value than gold, silver, precious stones and riches (Job 28:28).

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