The Winners – Gideon and his Three Hundred men!

Gideon was a judge in Israel who delivered Israelites from the hands of Mideanites after seven years of bondage. The angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon when he was threshing wheat, and called him as “Mighty man of valour, God is with you”. Practically it was not an angel, but the LORD Jesus Himself, as He asked him to go against the Medianites with his present strength, and telling him that He was sending Gideon with an authority (Jud.6:14).

Then (Jesus) spoke to him to destroy his father’s altar of Baal and cut the grove around and build an altar for the LORD and sacrify the seven year old bull of his father upon it (Jud. 6: 26). Gideon did as the LORD told him, but during the night time as he feared people around, and a comotion arose in the morning, and Gideon gained a new name as “Jerubbaal” (Jud. 6:32).

Three enemies such as Midianites, Amalekites and the children of the East, came against Israel and the Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon and he blew the trumpet and gathered his people Abiezer, Manasseh, Asher, Zebulun and Naphtali and gathered about 32000 men. That night and the next night Gideon wanted to confirm his calling by two tests before God! God also answered his request and proved his calling by pouring the dew upon the fleese of wool only and on the next night due only on ground but the fleese was dry. So Gideon was sure of his calling and was ready, but the LORD said the people are more to be a reason for Israelites to boast sgainst God and he asked the men to return, those are fearful and afraid, and 22000 men returned back.

Again the LORD said it is still more men and they were given a test of drinking water in a near by waters and only 300 men passed that test who took water in their both the hands and took to their mouth and drank and others bent their knees and drank water directly without using their hands. So 9700 men were sent back and 300 men were with Gideon. Then Gideon asked his men to bring victuals, trumpets and torches and pots, along with their weapons. To strengthen Gideon’s heart, God proposed one more proof of hearing the dream and the interpretation of it by the mid night watch of the enemies (Jud.7:13,14). Then Gideon divided his men into three groups of 100 men each group (Jud. 7:8) and spread them on the top of the mountain around the enemy, and in the mid night, they broke the pots and raised up their torches and blew their trumpets and shouted “Sword of the LORD and of Gideon” (Jud.7:20,21).

The LORD created a comotion among the enemy and they saw torches around them upon the mountain and ran helter shelter with great fear, killing their own men in utter confusion (Jud. 7:21,22). Then the other men who went back also returned hearing the trumpet sound and followed their enemy and finally completely destroyed the army of the enemy with their captains and kings.

Now the truth behind the war is that God wants to give victory to His people when they are in trouble and look towards Him for help. At the same time, God does not want man to take the credit of the war, and become unthankful and neglet God’s help and His presence in the war. As God gave Gideon the advice of pots, flame torches and trumpets, in the New Testament God gives us His promises to be believed in the heart and confessed in the mouth and stand firm in faith and do the deeds of faith, and overcome the enemy easily with the help of God and give all glory to Him alone.

Jesus gave His promise “ seeing satan falling from heaven as lightening, Behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall any means hurt you, and rejoice not for the spirits are subject unto you but rather rejoice for your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10: 18-20). So, a child of God or a man/woman of God must exercise this promise in his/her life by believing in the heart, confessing by the mouth and doing a deed of faith and inherit and enjoy His promises giving glory to Him alone!

Another promise is “ Happy art thou, O Israel, who is like like unto thee, O people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help and the sword of thy excellency!” Here not only the Israelites but also the Gentiles become spiritual Israelites through Jesus Christ, (Romans 2:29) ,(Eph. 3:3) & (Colo. 1:27).

Also, “Let high praises of God in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand … execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD” (Psa. 149: 6-9).

The above two verses are the promises of God to His saints to fight against their enemy the devil and not against human beings as the war in New Testament is only against the evil spirits, as Jesus said “ Love your enemies” and Jesus gave two commandments, Love the LORD thy God and Love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matt. 5:44) (Mark 12: 30,31)

So, the enemy the devil fights against us in various forms like, sin, sickness, curse, worldliness, pride, revenge, anger and bitterness, lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and pride of life, fear of death etc. So, in all the above conflicts, we need to take the various promises of God and with the two edged sword (Word of God) we need to fight with faith and courage confessing the word of promise and the blood of Jesus, for our victory over the devil (Rev.12:11). It looks like, so insignificant and simple and feeble, but it is 300 of Gideon who brought the real victory upon the enemy, as the LORD is fighting the battle along with us. For that we need to be well knowledgable in the Word of God, and must read the Holy Bible regularly and thoroughly every day, and maintain a close communion with God through Prayer Life.

Another hidden factor is that, there are angels to serve us and ready to carryout the commands of war against the devil and they will fight and the devil will flee away, and we need to glorify our God.

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