Bible has errors – Facts remain intact!

When a saint of God heard about mistakes in Holy Bible through me, he got annoyed on me! I asked him to have patient and gave some Bible reference and requested him to verify. Later he met me and shook my hands in appreciation! The Holy Bible has many mistakes but the fact remains intact. A proverb states that, man to err and Divine to forgive. The Holy Bible has 66 books written by various authors of educated and uneducated. God wanted them to write the Truth through His Holy Spirit, and He never dictated! If God pointed out the mistakes, the authors would have confessed Lord, I am not fit for this work, please give it to someone who is able! Even educated Moses replied God for sending some body in his place to Egypt to deliver the Israelites, as he was not eloquent and slow of speech and of a slow tongue (Exo. 4:10). So God cannot correct any mistake, and was interested only in writhing the facts took place in various periods of time. On this context I remember an instance in which Government conducted drawing competitions of various age groups of school children from 5 years to 16 years and announced merit prizes to the winners and published their drawings on Sunday Magazines , selected by various juries. But in the pictures there will be one statement such as “The decision of Juries is final and binding”. Similarly when the ordinary people wrote the various books of Bible, God puts His seal of authenticity as “Holy Bible” and no one can challenge God for His approval. Here no one has authority to question about the mistakes but the Truth Remains Intact among the human errors.

Now let us examine few references of mistakes in Holy Bible and how it does not affect the Truth. Only few mistakes are referred in spite of many more mistakes, existing in the Holy Bible.

  1. In (I Kings 7:26) the capacity of molten sea was two thousand baths, and in (II Chro. 4:5) the capacity of molten sea was three thousand baths.

The Truth is that King Solomon made a huge molten sea of brass.


  1. (II Chro. 3:15) the height of the two pillars was 35 cubits and height of chapiter on pillars was 5 cubits.

(I Kings 7:15,16,19) the height of two pillars was 18 cubits and height of chapiter was 5 (five) cubits, and also 4 (four) cubits.

            (II Kings 7:17) the height of chapiter was 3 (three) cubits

The Truth is that King Solomon built two tall pillars of bronze in front of the house of God with chapiters on top of pillars for beauty.


  1. (Gen. 26:34) Esau married Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite. (Two wives from Canaan)

(Gen. 36: 2,3) Esau married Adah the daughter of Elon the Hittite, and Aholibamath the daughter of Anah and Zibeon the Hivite (Two wives from Canaan) and third wife Bashemath the daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebajoth.

(Gen. 28:9) Esau married Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael, the sister of Nebajoth.

The third wife was Bashemath, the daughter of Ishmael but wrongly mentoned as daughter of Elon the Hittite, and in place of Judith, Adah and Aholibamath were introduced! Regarding Ishmael’s daughter Bashemath and Mahalath were confused!

The Truth is that Esau married Canaanite wives initially and later married wife from Ismail’s family, son of Abraham.


  1. (Num.4:2,3, 22,23, 29,30) The age limit for the three families of Levi to enter into the host to serve in the tabernacle of congregation was 30 – 50 years.

(Num.8:24) The age limit for the three families of Levi to enter into the host to serve in the tabernacle of congregation was 25 – 50 years.

The Truth is that only young and energetic Levites up to the age of fifty years were permitted to enter in the host to serve in the tabernacle.


  1. (I Sam. 16:10-13) Jesse the father of David had eight sons. Initially he passed his seven sons before Samuel, and Samuel said God had not selected any of them and enquired Jesse whether he had any other son? Then Jesse sent for David, the eighth son and God selected David and Samuel anointed David with oil as king!

(I Chro. 2:13-15) Jesse begat seven sons and David was the seventh son.

The Truth is that, David was the son of Jesse and the youngest son.


  1. (I sam.14:49) King Saul had three sons, namely Jonathan, Ishui, and Melchishua.

(I Chro. 8:33 and 9:39) King Saul had four sons namely Jonathan, Malchishua, Abinadab and Eshbaal.

In (I Sam. 14:49) Abinadab name is missing. Perhaps Ishui and Eshbaal may be same. In (I Sam. 31:2) in the war with Philistines King Saul’s sons, Jonathan, Abinadab and Malchishua were killed. In (II Sam. 2: 8,9) After the death of King Saul, Abner his captain made Ishbosheth the son of King Saul as king over Israel. Here we understand that the three names Ishui, Eshbaal and Ishbosheth may be same.

The Truth is that King Saul had many sons and among them one son did not die in the war and Abner the captain made him as king over Israel.


  1. The names of the mighty men King David had were written in (II Sam. 23: 8-39) and in (I Chr.11:11-47). In II Samuel the number of mighty men are 37, (31+6) and those of in I Chronicles, are 54, (48+6). In (II sam. 23:24-39) the names are starting from Asahel to Uriah totaling 31 names, and that of in (I Chro.11:26-41) from Asahel to Uriah are 32 names but hardly only 24 names are tallying and 7 names are not tallying. Also the prime mighty men were three and their names are mentioned In (II Sam. 23:8-12) but only two names are mentioned in (I Chr.11:11-15) and the third name is missed. Another error is the first mighty captain killed with his spear 800 men, in ( II Sam. 23: 8) but in ( I Chr. !!: 11) the first mighty captain killed with his spear 300 men. So lot of variations are found between the records mentioned about the same matter in two different books.

The Truth is that King David had many mighty men of valor in his host

and they were extra ordinary mighty men, and King David won all the wars and never got defeated.

And many more errors are found but it is restricted to only seven in Old Testament for reference.

In New Testament the following errors are found.

  1. The Genealogy of birth of Jesus Christ is routed through King Solomon after King David in (Matt. 1:6) and in (Luke 3:31) it is routed through Nathan after King David, both were the sons of King David. And due to this In (Matt. 1: 15,16) the father of Jesus was Joseph and Joseph’s father was James and his father was Matthan and his father was Eleazar. In (Luke 3:23,24) Jesus’ father was Joseph and his father was Heli, and his father was Matthat and his father was Levi.

The Truth is that Jesus was believed to be the son of Joseph and Joseph came in the Genealogy of King David.

  1. (Matt. 27:9) Judas Iscariot took the thirty silver coins and threw them in the Temple and went out and died, and the chief priests took them and bought the potter’s land to bury him as prophesied by Prophet Jeremy.

But it was prophesied by Prophet Zachariah (Zach. 11: 12,13) and not Jeremiah.

The Truth is that the things of Judas and thirty coins were prophesied in the Old Testament, well in advance.

  1. (Matt. 20:29-34) We read two blind men outside of Jericho city were healed by Jesus.

(Luke 18: 35-43) We read one blind man outside of Jericho city was healed by Jesus.

The Truth is that Jesus did a miracle of healing the blind and restored sight.

  1. (Luke 8:28-39) Jesus healed one man possessed with Legion devils.

(matt. 8:28-34) Jesus healed two men possessed with Legion devils.

The Truth is that Jesus did a miracle of casting away of Legion devils and delivered.

  1. In (Matt. 27:69-73) Peter denied Jesus before Two women and few men (three times), In(Luke 22: 56-59) Peter denied Jesus before one woman and two men (three times) and in (John18: 17-27) Peter denied Jesus before one woman, few men and one man (three times).

But the Truth is that Peter denied Jesus three times.

So the Holy Bible has many human errors but the Truth remains established with- out any doubt.

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