Psalm 110

Some Bible Readers explain that Psalm 110 speaks about New Testament Church. The enemies made as foot stool is saving sinners and made them rest for God and so on. But by careful reading of the 110 Psalm, it is understood as follows.

It is said to be Psalm 110 is a special Psalm in which all the letters of the Hebrew Language are present!  St. Paul advices the Colossians Church to seek the things above where the Lord Jesus is seated at the right hand of God the Father. (Colo. 3:1) So Psalm 110 has a link with (Colo. 3:1). The following are the blessings of the right hand of God.

  1. Father tells Jesus to sit at His right hand till He subdues all the enemies of Jesus under his feet.
  2. Father will send the Rod of the strength of Jesus from Zion to Jesus in order to rule among his enemies.
  3. In the day of the power of Jesus, His people will born as willing and with the beauty of holiness and as the due born in the morning, as youth.
  4. Father has sworn to Jesus and will not repent that Jesus will be the Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.

These four are the blessings of the right hand of the Father as mentioned in Psalm 110. The balance three verses speak about the wrath of the Son of God, Jesus as mentioned in (Psalm 2:12). These three verses will be discussed in the end of this subject.

It is necessary to explain these four blessings.

  1. God the father tells Jesus to sit at His right hand till Father brings all enemies under Son’s feet or enemies, as Son’s foot stool.

When God the Father said this? It was said when Jesus completed His mission victoriously being in flesh and died and resurrected on the third day and he was made to sit on the right hand of the Father as anointed King. This we read in (Psa. 2: 6,7) Who are these enemies? Are they men or fallen angels or any thing else? Many think that these are fallen men whom Jesus saved and made them righteous and they give rest to Jesus as a foot stool to His feet. If it is true, (Psa. 110: 2) should say Jesus will rule over His friends or saved people of God or saints. But it clearly says that Jesus will rule His enemies! So they are still enemies even after coming below His feet. (I Cor. 15:25,26)   and (Rev. 20:14) speaks about all enemies including the last two enemies which is the Death, and hell cast in to lake of fire! So the enemies are the fallen angels only, and not the men.

  1. God the Father sends Jesus His rod of strength to rule among His enemies. Here Jesus requires His rod of strength sent from Zion by the Father to rule among His enemies. Once again it proves that Jesus with His power or strength rules among His enemies which are the fallen angels, and not His friendly men.
  2. In the day of the power of Jesus, a huge group of youthful saints will born or assemble with Jesus for war, willing and holy saints.

Here some say that the day of the power of Jesus was the Day of Pentecost in which Holy Spirit with Power was poured upon 120 disciples and the New Testament Church was established.

Here we can understand that the Day of Pentecost was not the day of power of Jesus but the Day of power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus said that I will go and send the Holy Spirit, the Comforter to you or the disciples.

The power of Jesus will be revealed at His day of anger as mentioned in (Psa.2:12) and (Rev.19:11-21) and (Rev.14:17-20 and Isa.63:2-6). It takes place at the Armageddon war with devil, Anti Christ and False Prophet and a great army of men who came against Israel (Rev.16:12-16).

The first blessing of the right hand of the Father as per (Psa. 110;1) is subduing the enemies under the feet of Jesus by God the Father and till then Jesus will rest at the right hand of the Father and doing the will of the Father. As per the advice of St. Paul, when we pray or seek for the blessings of the right hand of the Father, the blessing of subduing our enemies the devils under our feet is done by the Father and we will have victory over devils in our lives.

The second blessing is as per (Psalm 16: 11) we will receive fullness of joy in His presence and pleasures for evermore.

The third blessing is as per (Psalm 45: 9) we will become Lamb’s Bride stand as Queen in gold.

The fourth blessing is as per (Psalm 77:10) we will receive long life even in this mortal world! For doing the will of God for more period and the rewards also will be more as St. Paul said in (Phil. 1:22).

Now as per (Psa.110:2) the next or the fifth blessing is blessings of the rod of the strength of Jesus sent by the Father from Zion in order to rule among enemies. With this blessing we can rule over our enemies the devils and they cannot overcome us. Because Jesus gave us two commandments, 1. Love God and 2. Love your neighbours as thyself, (Matt.22:37-39). In this neighbor, He covered 1. Our known friendly people, 2. Strangers, 3. People who hate and do wrong to us and 4. Enemies (known or unknown people doing harm to us) and no human being is our enemy.

As per (Psa. 110:3) the sixth blessing is God the Father is creating a vast group of youthful saints, willing and having beauty of holiness as warriors to be with Jesus on the day of His strength or the day of His anger as per (Psa. 2: 12) and (Rev. 19: 11-21). But now they are under developing stage and they will arrive at war only on the day of His anger or at the Armageddon war. This group is being prepared from the Day of Pentecost in the first century and in our life time we can help in preparing this group of youthful saints by our efforts and prayers.

As per (Psa. 110: 4) the seventh blessing is God the Father sworn to Jesus that Jesus will be the priest (High Priest) in the order of Melchizedek (Heb. 3:1), (Heb. 5:5) and (Heb. 7:17). Here we are blessed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and made as kings and priests to serve God and in that intercede with God for our fellow believers in Christ when they err mistakenly and not presumptly (I John 5:16), (James 5:16) and (I Peter 2:9).

These are the blessings of the right hand of God the Father promised for us through Jesus Christ. They are four in (Psa.110) and three more are added from other verses. Praise the Lord. Now we can understand the remaining verses of Psalm 110, verses 5-7.

(Psa.110:5) speaks about, the wrath of Jesus Christ and in that He will strike the kings of the earth. Because it specifically told about the kings of the earth, Jesus will kill only the kings of the earth who are wicked and will have understanding with Antichrist. Because there would be a war between Israel and Antichrist and many nations would support Antichrist against Israel, and Israel would lose the war and face great loss, and at that time they would cry for help from their promised Messiah from above and to their surprise, instead of their expected Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ would appear with His host to deliver them from their enemies! (Ezek.38:14-23), (Zach.12:9-14), (John 19: 31-37) and here the soldiers came to brake the leg bones of the crucified, and as Jesus was found dead, His legs were not broken but one soldier of the high priest pierced Jesus by His side. (Here one must understand that the soldier was not a Roman but an Israeli, who were sent by the Jews to break the legs in order to make them fully dead and their bodies should not hang on the cross as the next day was Sabbath Day (John 19: 31,32). Also in the Armageddon war, apart from other rulers of the Nations or their captains, there will be kings or their captains and we find even in our days there are kings ruling in some countries.

(Psa.110:6)  Speaks about judging the heathen, filling the places with dead bodies and wound the heads of many countries in Armageddon War in which other than the kings of the earth, the other leaders and national heads would be judged and wounded and not killed, except them in Armageddon War. And all heathen nations or nations other than Israel would be judged, and much people would be killed and dead bodies would be found everywhere. (Rev. 6:12-17) and (Rev. 16; 14-21) speaks about sixth seal and seventh vial and both the happenings are almost similar.  Here heavy earth quake and heavy hail would be experienced, mountains and islands would depart. To make such huge disaster, modern technology help people all over the world to build multi-story buildings for housing and offices and businesses, to make very heavy death toll.

(Psa. 110:7) speaks about the brook and lifting up the head of Jesus in His fierce anger in the Armageddon War. (Psa. 2: 12), (Zach. 14: 1-7), (Rev. 14: 17-20) (Rev. 16: 16) and (Rev. 19: 11-21). In the great war of Armageddon satan, Antichrist and false prophet gather all nations against Israel and great tragedy will take place to the Israelites and they will lift up their heads up to heaven to call their expected Messiah for deliverance, and at that time the wrath of Jesus would be kindled vehemently, and He will openly come to Israel and place His feet on Mount Olive and wage war against His enemies and great slaughter of men would take place, together with heavy earth quakes and great hail, in which the blood of the people killed by Jesus would flow with hail and rain water like a brook to a distance of two hundred miles (1600 furlongs) and to a height of 3-4 feet, (up to horse bridle). And in that brook of blood, Jesus would drink the blood and lift up His head in victory in His fierce anger! Jesus would not drink water in the battle as He would not be in flesh to be tired and thirsty, but He would be in the spirit and  would drink the blood of His enemies in fierce anger and lift His up His head in great victory. The result of war is Jesus and His saints won the war, satan is bound by chains and cast into bottomless pit and sealed for one thousand years, Antichrist and false prophet are cast into Lake of Fire, alive and all other men of army were killed (Rev.19: 19-21), (Rev. 20: 1,2).

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