ONENESS – Source of blessing & life

(Psa. 133) speaks about unity of brethren and which is the source of God’s blessing and life for evermore!

Oh! What a wonderful psalm and what a great source of God’s blessing! This unity is compared to the precious anointing oil of the Tabernacle, which was poured upon the head of the high priest Aaron by Moses and the sweet fragrance spread around, and due that descends upon the high mountains such as Hermon and Zion. These two experiences draws the blessings of God upon the brethren dwelling together! Oh, what a lovely experience it is! God expects it  from us, and the loving advice of our heavenly father toward us is (Psa. 133).

Let us see what our Lord Jesus says about this? (Matt. 5: 44,45,48), (Matt. 7: 1,2), (Matt. 18;35), (Jn. 13:24,25) Jesus said to love one another and forgive one another. If we forgive the errors of others then only we can love the others who did wrong to us. Without forgiveness there is no true love! Also Jesus said, “Judge not that ye be not judged”. Likewise God also will do to man who did not forgive the wrongs of his brethren, whole heartedly.

What St. Paul said about this?  In (Romans 2: 1-8) St. Paul said, not to judge any and there by become judged and do good works with patience (by forgiving the mistakes of others). (II Cor. 12: 13-15) Here St. Paul loved the believers of the Corinthian church more in spite of they loved him less. In (Heb. 13: 1-3) St. Paul advised the church to continue in brotherly love and remember them who suffer for God. Also St. Paul said, that he was set for the defence of the gospel. But many who were in association with him preached gospel by envy and strife, with contention and not sincerely, and some with good will. But St. Paul said that he was happy in totality that Christ was preached!  Also St. Paul said not to judge another man’s servant as the servant is under the control of his master and his master is responsible for his servant and he will make his servant to stand up even if he falls (Rom. 14:4).

What St. Peter said about this? In (II Peter 1: 5-11), St. Peter advised the church to add many good virtues including brotherly kindness and love which will provide entrance into the everlasting kingdom of God.

What St. John said about this? In (I John 2:8-11) St. John said about a new commandment of loving brethren makes a person to abide in light In (I John 3: 11, 14-16). He said to love one another and if any do not love his brethren, such person is a murderer, and he loses his eternal life, and become worthy of hell fire!

Summarizing all the above comments, we can come to a conclusion that, what is required among the children of God is brotherly love, and to love a brother who commits mistakes is to forgive him as Jesus commanded to do, so that God also will forgive our mistakes (Matt. 6: 14,15). And also we have no authority to find fault of another man’s servant, as his master is responsible for his servant. So nowadays many of us criticize others in their ministry, but instead of that we can pray for their correction or if circumstances permit and if the person accepts our correction, we can approach him directly and convey our feedback and the acceptance is on the part of the listener! For example, a preacher preaches about Christ, and his co- worker might be doing his job well on the stage, but his appearance may be worldly or his actions are glorifying God and his appearance is glorifying devil. In some cases the preacher may be preaching only a part of the Gospel or Truth, and remaining Truth might not be revealed to him. In all such circumstances one need to maintain brotherly love and consider the other person is also a servant of his master, and care is to be taken only whether he is a false apostle or false prophet? , misleading the people. And if so one has to withdraw himself from the false person, and if circumstances favourable, try to warn the people about the false teachings. In all other cases the brotherly love is to be maintained. Here the main focus is on the preacher and not the listeners, and the preacher can mislead the listeners in totality. So the need of the hour is brotherly love in order to receive the blessing and life from God as per (Psa.133) and if one fails, Alas! He will receive curse and death from devil! Let us be verily, verily, serious about this Truth!

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