Demonstrating God’s Miracle through Elijah and Elisha

Most of the Christians know that Prophet Elisha had twice the power of Prophet Elijah. It implies that the miracles made by Elisha must be more than that of Prophet Elijah. So it is necessary to numerate the miracles!

         Miracles of Prophet Elijah.

  1. Stopped rain in Samaria (Israel) for three and a half years. (I Kings 17:1) (James 5:17)
  2. Meal in the barrel (Flour) and oil in the cruise continued in the house of the widow of Zarephath.(I Kings 14:14,15)
  3. Raising the dead son of the widow of Zarephath (I Kings 17:21,22)
  4. Brought fire from heaven to burn the sacrifice and the altar and water around. (I Kings 18:35-38)
  5. Prayed and brought rain after the famine. (18: 42-45), (James 5:18)
  6. Ran before King Ahab’s chariot by the power of the Spirit of God from Mount Carmel to Jezreel city, ahead of King Ahab’s chariot. (I Kings 18:46)
  7. King Ahaziah died as per the words of Prophet Elijah. (II Kings 1: 16,17)
  8. Brought fire from heaven and killed captain of fifty with his fifty men, the first team sent by the king to call Elijah. (II Kings 1: 9,10)
  9. Brought fire from heaven and killed captain of fifty with his fifty men, the second team sent by the king to call Elijah. (II Kings 1: 11,12)
  10. Divided the river Jordan and crossed the river with Elisha as dry ground and went to the other side. (II Kings 2:8)
  11. Prophet Elijah was taken to heaven alive in the mortal body by a whirl wind and fiery chariot and fiery horses. (II kings 2:11)

Miracles of Prophet Elisha.

  1. Divided the river Jordan and crossed dry feet alone as Prophet Elijah was taken up. (II Kings 2:14)
  2. Healed the water and the land of Jericho city by pouring salt into the water.(II Kings 2:21,22)
  3. Cursed the children of Bethel city who mocked at Elisha and two she bears came from the forest and killed 42 children.(II Kings 2:23,24)
  4. When the kings of Israel and Judea and Edom and their armies were in great want of water to drink, Prophet Elisha prophesied and brought water from Edom and made them to drink, and also brought great victory over the Moabites. (II Kings 3:14-27)
  5. Increased the oil in the pot of a widow to solve her debt problem and livelihood. (II Kings 4:1-7)
  6. Gave a son to the barren Shunammite woman through his prophecy.(II Kings 4:16,17)
  7. Quickened the dead child of Shunammite woman and made her to rejoice.(II Kings 4:20-37)
  8. In Gilgal healed the bitter pottage by pouring meal into the pot. (II Kings 4:38-41)
  9. A man from Baalshalisha came to the prophet and offered twenty loves of barley as first fruits and full ears of corn and Prophet Elisha asked the man to set them before one hundred men and there was surplus also after they were full.(II Kings 4:42-44)
  10. Healed the leper Naaman the captain of Syrian army.(II Kings 5:8-14)
  11. Gehazi the servant of Prophet Elisha became leper due to the curse of Elisha.(II Kings 5:27)
  12. Iron axe which fell in the river was made to float by Prophet Elisha by throwing a stick of a branch in order to recover from the water as it was borrowed by one of the sons of the prophets. .(II Kings 6:6,7)
  13. When Syrian army came to catch Prophet Elisha, the servant of the prophet got frightened at the sight of the army and Elisha prayed and opened his eyes to behold chariots and horses of fire around Elisha and removed the fear of his servant. .(II Kings 6:17)
  14. Prophet Elisha prayed and blind folded the whole Syrian army and lead them to Samaria to the king of Israel. (II Kings 6:17-19)
  15. Prophet Elisha prayed and opened the eyes of the Syrian army personnel in Samaria and made the king to give them food and drink and sent them away peacefully. (II Kings 6:20-23)
  16. Seeing the seriousness of the famine in Samaria, the king told that the head of Prophet Elisha shall not be upon him, and sent a messenger to Elisha, and before his arrival, Elisha told the elders sitting with him in his house that the king wanted to slay his head, and sent a man. Also he told that the king also follows that man to prophet’s house. Soon after, the messenger and the king reached the prophet’s house. (II Kings 6:30-33)
  17. By seeing the king of Samaria, the prophet Elisha said, the next day in the gates of the city Samaria, a measure of fine flour for a shackle and two measures of barley for a shekel will be sold, as a prophecy. And it took place on the next day as God did a miracle and terrorized the Syrian army encamping Samaria and they fled for their lives and their food stock was spoiled and sold at the gate of Samaria as the prophet said. (II Kings 7:1,18)
  18. When the prophet told the king about the prophecy of ending the famine in Samaria, on the next day, the Lord or Prince of the king who accompanied the king said in disbelieving, even if God opens a window in heaven such miracle was not possible. Then the prophet Elisha said that you will see that but shall not eat that. It so happened that the king made that particular Lord or Prince to monitor the sale of fine flour and barley at the gate of Samaria, and the crowd of people trod upon him at the gate and he died. So, he saw the sale of one measure of fine flour for a shackle and two measures of barley for a shackle, but he could not eat that but died. (II Kings 7:2, 17-20)
  19. Prophet Elisha went to Damascus and met Hazael the captain of Syrian army and told him about the death of his King Benhadad who was sick, and it so happened on the next day in which the king died. (II Kings 8: 7-10, 14,15)
  20. In Damascus Prophet Elisha looked upon the face of Hazel and wept continuously and replied him that he will become the king of Damascus and slay Israelites very badly. Accordingly Hazael became the king of Syria, on the next day. (II Kings 8:11-15)
  21. During the illness of the prophet Elisha, the king of Israel, Joash the son of Jehoahaz came to him and wept over him because he was a shield and cover for Israel from the onslaught of Syrian kings. And Prophet Elisha asked the king to shoot an arrow through the window and the prophet called it an “ Arrow of the LORD’S deliverance” and the king will have a great victory over Syria at Aphek. Then the prophet asked the king to hold the arrows and beat on the floor, and he beat three times only. So the prophet was annoyed on the king for beating only three times as he will only get three victories over Syria. These things took place later and Elisha the prophet died.( II Kings 13:14-19, 24,25)

A miracle of Prophet Elisha after his death. Prophet Elisha died in his death bed in very old age and he was buried. On the next year Moab army came against Israel. By seeing the army, the people who went to bury a dead body feared and did not burry him but threw in a sepulcher of Prophet Elisha by chance and ran away. When the dead body touched the dry bones of Prophet Elisha, great power from the bones of Prophet Elisha went into the dead body and quickened it and the man came to life again! (II Kings 13: 20,21)


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