The walls of Jericho fall – House of Rahab intact on the wall!

Even Sunday school little child will say that the walls of Jericho fell by praising God or by the shout of the Israelites on the seventh day going around the city after the seventh round. Well, it is recorded as the children say! But the question is that when the walls fell by the shout, Rahab’s house which was on the top of the wall, also must had collapsed, but it did not, how?

We read about this incident in (Joshua 6 chapter). But in (Joshua 5: 12-15) we read that Joshua was standing in the plain of Jericho, and looked and saw a person standing in front of Joshua with a drawn sword, and when Joshua enquired about him, he said that he was the captain of the host of the LORD! What does it reveal? It reveals about the heavenly help to Joshua to fight and overcome Jericho city. When the people of Israel went round about the Jericho city walls for six days, when the seven priests blew the trumpets of ram’s horns, without making any noice, the people in the city might be wondering what is going on outside the walls! And might be sure that the strong army of Joshua is encircling their walls every day and destruction and onslaughter by swords might take place, on any day suddenly, as they were in panic about the God of Israel. On the seventh day, after the seventh round Joshua commanded to shout and the seven priests blew the trumpets with long blasts, and the Israelites shouted very loudly, and this was the command from Joshua to the captain of the host of the LORD, and he and his host plunged into action of kicking the wide and strong and tall walls of Jericho all around except where Rahab’s house was located on the top of the wall. The wide and tall walls cracked and came down every where and the Israelites went into the city straight before, climbing the broken walls, and cut asunder all the inhabitants and took over the city. The two spies went to Rahab’s house to protect them, and bringing them to Joshua on the order of Joshua to them.

Finally the Jericho city was won by Joshua and his army with the help from above, and God’s host and their captain (Angels) came down and broke the wide, tall and strong walls in minutes, with the long blasts of the trumpets followed by the great shout of the great army of Joshua. All glory to His Holy Name.


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